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Европейские чемпионаты 2017-2018

Тема в разделе "Баскетбольные прогнозы", создана пользователем Monte, 8 апр 2016.

  1. benito

    benito Гуру ставок

    Nidaros Jets were left before a couple of wagers without the best player Spears striker who returned to Australia. There are three players left, and I mean Haris and home players Midvedt and Skejalug.

    They have 2-0 against today's rivals but with Spears in the team and guest were without their current best player Diomande.

    All season ended in this match for both clubs in the fight for PO, the winner carries everything.

    Guests have Williams, Helmanis, Diomande and a couple of solid players, I think the momentum on the side of the guests and I believe they have a good chance of winning this, after Spears injury crisis in home team and they will find it difficult to get this, value to Ammereud

    C -6 до -1 и сейчас -3, маза дня попана:110:
  2. Кошмар

    Кошмар Команда UAbets

    Нидарос без Спира уже давно играют, Аммеруд, такое, Хелманис после травмы. У хозяев есть Харрис, так что мне больше нравятсч хозяева, хотя я этот матч скиповал
    benito нравится это.
  3. benito

    benito Гуру ставок

    Огненная 4 четверть в 20 очков улетели

    Сегодня против Бпрса Б и Плимута грузят.. с -1 до +4.5 и с +2.5 до +6.5
  4. Кошмар

    Кошмар Команда UAbets

    У Бристоля Гудвин под впоросом, но Плимут конечно дно.Купить американца, который 0 очков в пером матче набирает, а Англии эио очень редко
  5. benito

    benito Гуру ставок

    Huesca this year is playing better than before, but still, the team that has the worst attack on the league and the last in the rebounds, and the only thing that holds them is the defense. That part will be weaker today, not a Fontet in this game, an excellent defensive player, and jumper, and this will further disrupt their jump but also defense. Manresa is one of the best teams, they have a long and high quality rotation and fight for the ACB league. They have a long rotation of nine players who have quality since come Nacho Martin has all five victories and I believe they will continue after this match. I expect victory between 10-15 differences, the difference in quality is obvious, Fontet does not play and has further weakened the essential lines in the home team. Good luck
  6. Znarox

    Znarox Активный беттор

    17:00 Лиепая - Латвияс Унив. ЛУ +6.5 1.83 ; P2 3.05

    Nu tut 50/50 match , tak chto nado smotret v storonu studentov po takoi [​IMG]
    Bronn и Admin Kava нравится это.
  7. Bronn

    Bronn Активный беттор

    Поставил Црвена Звезда -15 кф. 1,89

    У Игокеа проблемы, ушли 2 американца (17 и 7 очков за игру), а также травмированы Милошевич (7,9 оч.) и Шибалич (7 оч.)