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Тема в разделе "Прогнозы на футбол", создана пользователем mr.Tipster, 19 апр 2016.

  1. mr.Tipster

    mr.Tipster Команда UAbets

    предлагаю завтрашние матчи обсудить... шас серия Б - единственная буквально харчевальня
  2. mr.Tipster

    mr.Tipster Команда UAbets

    такое имхо твое интересует
    Сан-Бенту - Атлетико-ГО. Сан-Бенту 2.65
    Жувентуде - Форталеза. Жувентуде 2.80
  3. BEBU

    BEBU Блогер UAbets

    по Бенту думаю валуйчик на гостей с первого взгляда,по Жуве согласен,Форталезе пора сливать,не в форме они,но это пока что с первого взгляда,по глубже будем копать ближе к матчам
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  4. vandershurer

    vandershurer Активный беттор

    0-4 :117:
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  5. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

  6. mr.Tipster

    mr.Tipster Команда UAbets

    Крисиума без всех защитников... кроме одного, который впервые в этом году / сезоне выйдет на поле. Тут в Серии Б такие новости это обычно замануха, но кстати, такие новости с Виллой были часто и они не кидали, так что ИТБ2(1) по 1.97 можно рискнуть
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  7. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

  8. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

    2018-19 Belgian League Preview

    The new season of the Belgian first division, the Jupiler Pro League, has just kicked off. The main question is, as always: who will be this year’s champion? I want to take a look at the teams' form in preseason and the most important transfers of all the 16 teams in the league and see where their potential for this season lays.

    I’m going to start with Club Brugge, who won the league last year. They had a good preseason, winning almost all of their games and only drawing two, scoring 24 goals and only conceding three. They also started the season with a trophy, winning the Supercup with a 2-1 victory over Standard. Many people feel like they are capable of winning the league again this year. That feeling only gets stronger when you take a look at their transfers, since they didn’t lose any important players. Club Brugge had to enlarge their squad because they are playing in the Champions League, and they did so by buying quality players such as attacking midfielder Siebe Schrijvers (Genk), right back Clinton Mata (Charleroi), central midfielder Mats Rits (Mechelen), centre back Matej Mitrovic (Besiktas) and goalkeeper Karlo Letica (Hajduk Split). This quite large squad could really do some damage in the league, and I predict they’re going to finish in the top three again.

    Moving along, we have Standard, who finished second last year after a great comeback. They didn’t do well in their preseason, winning only two of their six games. They also lost the Supercup, which isn’t great either. To me, it looks like Standard still has a lot of work to do and I think they’re not ready for the league just yet. Standard’s manager, Michel Preud'homme, needs to do the impossible and try to do better than Ricardo Sa Pinto, their manager last season, who won the cup and finished second in the league. They managed to keep most of their important players, only losing Edmilson to Qatar SC. Edmilson will be replaced by Lestienne (Malaga). Standard brought back Orlando Sa too, after a failed period in China. I don’t think Standard is going to do to well this season, but they may surprise me. As of right now, I think they’re going to finish in the top 6.

    After disappointingly finishing in third place last year, Anderlecht need to do better. But their preseason hasn't indicated much improvement: they won only half of their games, although they managed to beat Ajax 3-1. They have made some interesting transfers: Centre back Ognjen Vranjes (AEK), striker Ivan Santini (Caen, ex-Standard too), and winger Zakaria Bakkali (Valencia). But they lost rather important players too, like their goalie Matz Sels. It will be interesting to see where this Anderlecht team is going to finish; I think it’s going to be in the top three for sure.

    KAA Gent, fourth place last year, managed to win 9 out of their 11 preseason games, which is pretty impressive. It seems to be that they’re in good form. Their transfer window was good too, managing to buy Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe (Olympiacos) and Stallone Limbombe (Antwerp). The did lose two important centre backs though (Samuel Gigot to Spartak Moscow and Stefan Mitrovic to Strasbourg), which could be a big problem for them, knowing how much they struggled with their defence last year. They will also play in the Europa League. Can they combine both European football and the league? My prediction is that they’re going to finish in the top four this season, although this is one of the harder teams to predict. They certainly don’t want to have another season like last year, though.

    They were potentially the best team in the second half of the season, and KRC Genk still seem to be in that good form, winning all their preseason games and scoring an impressive 42 goals in 8 games. The 4-0 victory over Olympiacos in particular shows that Genk could finally have a good season again. Their transfer window confirms this. They only lost centre back Omar Colley (Sampdoria) and attacking midfielder Siebe Schrijvers (Club Brugge). Getting a couple of young and very promising players, Genk seems to have a healthy squad which could do well, both in the league as in the Europa League. This one is possibly the hardest one to predict. They are capable of finishing in the top three, but a

    fifth or even sixth place is possible too.

    Charleroi, the team who had a terrible second half of the season last year but still finished sixth, won most of their preseason games, but only by 1 or 2 goals. It seems like their form isn’t great, but Charleroi remains a very though side to play against. They had a very calm transfer window, not making a lot of major transfers, but rather keeping their squad together. They brought back their top scorer from 2 seasons ago, Jeremy Perbet (Kortrijk) and they didn’t lose any big players, so it’s basically the same squad as last year. I think another top six finish could be possible for this squad.

    Kortrijk just missed play-off 1 last year after moving from a possible relegation to the left side of the table, so they definitely want to do better. They won most of their preseason games, which isn’t too bad for a side like this. Although they lost their striker, Jeremy Perbet, to Charleroi, they replaced him with Ilombe Mboyo, who previously had shown both his talent and his bad behaviour at numerous other Belgian clubs. Like Charleroi, they had a pretty calm transfer window. Kortrijk is a club that could finish anywhere, from place 16 to place 6, so it’s nearly impossible to predict where they’re going to finish this season.

    In their first season at the highest level of Belgian football in 13 years, Antwerp managed to finish at an impressive eighth place. They continued this good performance by winning all of their 6 preseason games. They also had one of the busiest transfer windows, by getting rid of a lot of unwanted players and buying a lot of replacements and reinforcements, but they didn’t make many major transfers. I think this team is going to finish around eighth place again.

    Zulte-Waregem will definitely want a better season than last year, because finishing in ninth place isn’t exactly what manager Dury and his players want. But they didn’t show that in their preseason, winning only half of their games. The 4-1 loss against Oostende, another team in this league, especially shows how their season could go. Their transfer window wasn’t great either, losing important players like striker Peter Olayinka, left back Brian Hamalainen, central midfielder Julien De Sart and attacking midfielder Onur Kaya, although they managed to buy Thomas Buffel from Genk end Erdin Demir from Waasland Beveren. It will be a difficult season for Zulte, but I think they’re going to finish in or around the top six after all.

    After almost getting into play-off 1 last year, STVV want to do even better this year. They won most of their preseason games, which is a good start, especially if you take into account that they drew against Olympiacos. They didn’t bring in any big players, which could be a problem, although they didn’t lose any important players either. I feel like they will finish around 12th place this year. I don’t believe they can redo their last, very good year.

    The very ambitious club Oostende didn’t do very well last year, only finishing 11th. They need to do better this year. They won most of their preseason games, only losing the last two, so that’s a good start. But their transfer window wasn’t as good. They lost strikers Zinho Gano and Joseph Akpala, left winger Knowledge Musona, centre back Antonio Milic and attacking midfielder Franck Berrier. They got replacements for them, but the question is if they are good enough. Only the top six is good enough for this club, but I don’t feel like they’re going to make it. A seventh or eighth place finish is my prediction.

    With an awesome start and a complete downfall last year and basically having a roller coaster of a season, Waasland Beveren finished 12th, which isn’t too bad. The won most of their preseason games too, which is a good sign. They also had probably the busiest transfer window in the league, by buying 16 players with another 4 incoming loan players, and selling 10 players. I really don’t know if that’s very good; all of those players need to get used to the team and the league, so I think they will

    have a poor start to the season. I think they will struggle this season, and only barely manage to stay in the league.

    Next up, we have Lokeren, who only stayed in the league with 4 points more than last place last season. They want to do better, but they didn’t do very well in the preseason games, winning only 4 of the 8 games they played. They also didn’t lose big players, which is a good sign for this club. It feels like they had a quiet but pretty good transfer window. I do think this club could be relegated next season, but I predict they finish 15th or 14th.

    Moeskroen, who were 2nd for a very brief amount of time last year but still finished 14th, really want to survive this season too. However, they lost 3 out of their 5 preseason games, 2 against Genk and Beveren, which are opponents in the league, which doesn’t look good. Their transfer period doesn’t look good either, losing quite a lot of important players. Although they bought replacements, I don’t feel like they are going to do well this season, I predict they’re going to go down.

    Barely surviving last year and only staying up because their goal difference was one better than Mechelen, Eupen really don’t want a similar season again. They did win 4 out of 5 preseason games, so they’re in pretty good form. Their transfer window is looking pretty good too. They lost possibly their most important player, striker Mbaye Leye, but they brought in striker David Pollet as a replacement and the attacking midfielder Danijel Milicevic came back. Although things are looking promising for Eupen, I really don’t think they’re going to do well, I think they will finish 15th.

    Last but not least, we have the promoted side Cercle Brugge, who got promoted by a 90th minute penalty. But the new side only won 2 games in their preseason, which really isn’t what you’re looking for as a start to the season. Luckily for them, they have an agreement with Monaco, which gives Cercle Brugge the opportunity to buy or loan their unwanted players, and that’s what they did in this transfer window: 5 new players came from Monaco's 2nd team. The club is looking pretty good, and they may surprise us all in this season. I think they’re going to finish at a 13th place.
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  9. сегодняшняя дата

    сегодняшняя дата Активный беттор

    mr.Tipster... в винницу наехало грузинов капец! очень круто. ребята строят бизнес. от маршруток - таких бля тачек ухоженных не видел - заходишь как в дом, и канеша ковер на полу :) но без шуток - маршруты взяли - просто рай держат... открыли заводик - сыр делают - ммм... магазы открыли - сырок, + привозное - от тархуна и вина до мясца. Шас открыли хинкальню - собираюсь. продавщицы/официанты просто прелесть - еле на украинском говорят - аутентичность с гарантией :) улыбчивые все такие...
    Какие такие маршрутки и где хинкальня и сыр с вином находится?
  10. mr.Tipster

    mr.Tipster Команда UAbets

    @сегодняшняя дата :) а что хочешь покататься на бусике? ахахаха... ну разыне, рекомендую 2б.
    я сыр и колбаску грузинские тарю на козицкого, сбоку от мэрии, перед соборной. там удобно - есть и итальянский магаз с сыром. а у грузинов слева магаз - справа кафешка со всем, + все что в кафе можно домой в замороженном виде.
  11. Znarox

    Znarox Активный беттор

    20:00 Рига ФК - РФШ . Рига ФК (0) 2.10

    Po takoi linii nado proveryat uslovnih hozyaev .
    U Riga FK horoshee usilenie za poslednee vremya - komandu vozglavil izvestniy Viktor Skripnik i sostav popolnili legioneri Stefan Panič , Tomislav Šarič , Thiago Primao a takzhe igrogi sbornoi Latvii Gabovs , Rakels , Lukjanovs .

    U nih v poslednih 5 matchah Virsliga 5 pobed , k tomu zhe nepropustili niodnogo gola . V Europa League tolko v serii penalty proigrali bolgarskomu CSKA Sofia .
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  12. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

    В субботу паблик бет будет:

    Monaco have new team in this season. They lost many quality players after last season. They will be without: Fabinho (M 34/7), D. Subašić (G 34/0), João Moutinho (M 33/1), T. Lemar (M 30/2), D. Sidibé (D 27/2), Jorge (D 22/1), A. Touré (D 20/1), R. Ghezzal (A 26/2), A. Diakhaby (A 22/2), G. Carrillo (A 15/4), T. Kongolo (D 3/0), S. Meïté (M 2/0), P. Pellegri (A 3/0), Gil Dias (A 1/0). Also doubtful: R. Falcao (A 26/18). Possible lineup for this game:Benaglio, Glik, Jemerson, Pierre-Gabriel, Raggi, Mboula, Rony Lopes, Tielemans, Keita, Geubbels, Jovetiс. PSG also without some stars in China like Kavani & Mbappe but they have Neymar who treinings with team. PSG possible lineup for this game: Buffon, Silva, Marchinos, Kurzawa, Kimpembe, Lo Celso, Veratti, Rabiot, Di Maria, Draxler, Neymar. For me PSG clear favorite in this game.
  13. diston

    diston Беттор

    ребята, а форталезе не пора проипать сегодня? все равно на 1м месте останутся)
  14. сегодняшняя дата

    сегодняшняя дата Активный беттор

    Сербия Партизан - Младость , в гостях Младость в личных встречах крупно проигрывает и забила всего один гол Партизану, Младость четвертая команда с низу по забитым голам прошлого сезона, Партизан четвертая команда по пропущенным голам прошлого сезона и вторая по забитым с верху в дома - и скажете что тут такого- Пинакл открывается в обед с кф.23,7 на Младость и с двух часов пошло резкое падение к кф.10 , но большинство ранних контор в обед держали кф.14-15 - рай для осведомленного трейдера. По ходу тут все ломанулись на плюсовую (Партизан мало забивает со старта сезона, проиграл Раднику у которого Младость выиграла, игра в четверг с Норшелланном) - беру Партизан не забьет за кф.9 так как реализация хромает и П1(-3) за кф. 6 - вдруг развод на вынос тела.
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  15. Palich2007

    Palich2007 Активный беттор

    1-0 и все довольны
  16. сегодняшняя дата

    сегодняшняя дата Активный беттор

  17. сегодняшняя дата

    сегодняшняя дата Активный беттор

    Sp. Subotica - Proleter Betting Odds, Soccer - Super Liga
    Сербы рулят, оно если и идёт то пачками и в одном туре, сам не играл только щас увидел, это Англия может играть в понедельник и потом в четверг в Лиге Европы, остальные чемпионаты переносят игры - сербы сыграли и КАК!
  18. islik

    islik Беттор

    АВСТРАЛИЯ. Кубок ФФА. Норткот Сити - Девонпорт 07.08.2018 12-30 Ф2(0) 2.6
    На удачу :pin:
  19. mr.Tipster

    mr.Tipster Команда UAbets

    @BEBU Аваи - Вила Нова есть мнение?
  20. islik

    islik Беттор

    1-3 :144:
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