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Прогнозы на Лигу Европы 2017-2018

Тема в разделе "Прогнозы на футбол", создана пользователем Admin Kava, 19 июн 2017.

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  1. France98

    France98 Беттор

    Правильно расставленные приоритеты
    Дедушка Арсен еще пободается )
  2. mr.Tipster

    mr.Tipster Команда UAbets

    :129: понятия не имею что такое кони особо, но так навскидку - а сербские звезды реально практически по равной мазе идут - это разве верно? что там той црвены? с (0) кони вроде логично норм ставка имхо.
  3. mr.Tipster

    mr.Tipster Команда UAbets

    :113: даешь красную карту Сундам - есть чйуство что они ломать будут канониров
  4. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

    А я вот думаю, первую игру арс может и не взять) минусовая температура в Швеции, искусственный газон, домашний остерсунд, неплохой кеф на Арс для попанских паравозов....

    А дома уже вынесет типа 3-0
  5. benito

    benito Блогер UAbets

    FK Crvena zvezda
    Krasnodar 2:1 2.28 3.48 2.91 details 24.08.2017

    ЦЗ была фоворитом против Краснодара и выиграла по делу. краснодар ЦСКА примерно один уровень, ЦСКА каждый год игроков теряет. Хотя сейчас Муса пришел
  6. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

    Звезду смотрел с Кельном 2 раза, очень средненькая команда. Думаю не лучше Янго Бойса, которого ЦСКА легко обыграл

    В группе ЛЕ против БАТЭ, Кельна который в тот момент был трупом с кучей травм и второго состава Арсенала Црвена забила в 6 матчах ТРИ гола :123:
  7. Kekmao

    Kekmao Беттор

    Звезда - ЦСКА оффсайды больше 3,5, очень странно написана линия, вроде оба коллектива грешат оффсайдами частенько
  8. benito

    benito Блогер UAbets

    звезда дома и в гостях разные команды
  9. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

    Глянул состав Црвены. Вообще нет в заявке на матч Боакие (13 игр, 6 голов в этой ЛЕ) и Канга (12/2). В запасе остался Срнич (13/4)
  10. benito

    benito Блогер UAbets

    Historical match for Crvena Zvezda. After 20 years fans will have a chance to see the "European Spring". Even if it is still winter.
    When you think about winter, you can easily associate with Russia.
    OK, let's talk about Zvezda.

    This big success and passing the EL groups is mostly the masterwork of the coach Milojevic.
    He came silently to Zvezda, from Greece and brought a new dimension of defending in Zvezda. It was so needed after the previous season, under the shit coach M.Bozovic.
    Discipline, the routine of simple schemas and big balls in attack. Zvezda defended well in every group stage game.
    Attack was pushed by the inspiration of the Kanga/Donald/Radonjic and by the constant stability in the defense. Add on it support from wingbacks, Rodic and Stojkovic.
    Now, Kanga left the team, to Sparta Prague. He was an important player,
    Best striker Boakye should leave the club soon, (After first game probability higher of 50%) Chinese money is calling and both club and player will not refuse 3-4 million offer. He was injured in last few days but recovered under the treatment of the great doctor Marijana, well known in helping to the injured players and people generally to recover faster as possible. Surely not on 100% but around 85%.
    Two foreigners, Le Tallec and Donald didn't extend their contacts and they will leave for free in summer (most likely, it seems like that). Coach and president made the decision not to force them in the future starting lineups, this duo (president and coach) wants to create a structure of the team, and there is no reason to have those two guys, unhappy(or with another club in mind) in the squad.
    Even if they took their place in the upcoming game, it is a big question how they will look, especially Donald who is a very emotive guy and according to my sources, he is not even 70% fired- Problem for Zvezda, he is the captain.

    A newly arrived player is Ben from Olympiakos, he is top signing without the doubt. Coach Milojevic knows him well from Panionios.

    Predicted squad:
    GK: Borjan
    DR: Stojkovic
    DC:Le Tallec
    DC: Savic
    MC: Jovicic
    MC: Donald
    LW: Radonjic
    RW: Ben (Srnic)
    AMC: Srnic (Ben)
    CF: Boakje(Pesic)

    CSKA is in their first season under new manager Goncharenko, who used to assist former head coach Leonid Slutsky before taking over. The team's changed reasonably under Belarusian specialist, becoming more agressive all around the pitch with new 3-5-2 formation. Goncharenko is pushing his side to live on the edge all 90 minutes with strong emphasis on wingplay. CSKA's football under Goncharenko is straightforward and yet quite efficient, particularly inside slow paced Russian Premier League. It's helped them do quite well in the group stage of Champions League, but clear issues in the offensive compartment (lack of normal striker) pushed them out of the competition and into Europa League.
    Problems in the final third have been haunting Goncharenko since July 2017. Through the course of the season he had to first turn to strikers from the U21 team (Chalov and Gordyushenko), then try central midfielder Dzagoev and even defensive mid Pontus Wernbloom - all in search of proper finisher. The latter worked ok in the Russian Premier League, but was an obvious joke in the Champions League.
    During the winter break CSKA finally splashed some cash out, something they had not done since 2014/15 season when they signed Carlos Strandberg for 450 Th. €. Signing of Kristijan Bistrovic from Slaven Belupo looks almost irrelevant at this time, but the return of Ahmed Musa from Leicester for a short loan deal is a totally different story. Prior to the 19,5 mln € move to EPL, he had recorded 13+5 in 2015/16 season for CSKA and left the league in the status of its' best forward. Yet, all the former success does not necessarily mean Musa will be an instant hit under new manager and in the new 3-5-2 formation, the tactics he's never faced before. In either case, having Musa at the edge is still better than all the options Goncharenko had in 2017.
    CSKA's had a routine winter break with 3 training camps in Campoamor (Spain) and 6 friendlies (unbeaten in all). They will have to deal w/o injured regulars LWB Schennikov and long term injured CB A.Berezutskiy. The two should be replaced by Nababkin and Wernbloom respectively. This will lead to less offensive presence down the left wing, while relocation of DM Wernbloom (used as FW earlier in the season) represents an interesting yet risky idea.

    Need to be shorter now -
    Quality is on CSKA side and there is experience on CSKA side too. The atmosphere will be amazing and as should / will boost home players, but I'm scared that this cannot be enough against such a serious side, tight at backs, and sharp in attack.
    CSKA won 9 points in the Champions League, and could easily finish as the part of the 16 best teams in Europe.

    Zvezda is having a great season, but most of the crucial factors are on the Russian side.

    I expected -0.25 line and 0 sounds good here.
    1:1 ,1:2 0:1
  11. benito

    benito Блогер UAbets

    Про ЦСКА какая-то херня написана, серб писал, но про звезду точно
  12. benito

    benito Блогер UAbets

    как насчет астана дома практически никому не проигрывают у себя
    BEBU нравится это.
  13. Hausser

    Hausser Лудоман со стажем

    FCSB - Lazio тб2.5 2.19...Лацио свои вопросы старается решать именно в гостях,сил для этого хватает.В этой встрече,конечно же главной забивной мощью считаю гостей и уверен что считаю не зря.А домашняя Стяуа,в плане забивания голов,может быть буком и недооценена-крайне редко в серии А Лацио не пропускает.
  14. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

    они там вроде лучшего напа-бабуина продали
    benito нравится это.
  15. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

    Bürki - Piszczek, Sokratis, Toprak, Toljan - M. Götze, Weigl - C. Pulisic, Reus, Schürrle - Batshuayi

    Berisha - Rafael Toloi, Palomino, Masiello - Hateboer, de Roon, Freuler, Spinazzola - Cristante - Cornelius, Gomez

    Дортмунд без особой игры, травмы у Ярмоленка, Кагавы, Санчо, еще там раньше пару человек выпало (Геррейро, Филипп)

    Так что непростой матч может быть для них... Аталанта вроде опасная
  16. benito

    benito Блогер UAbets

    Ярмоленко в Дотрмунде:108:
  17. benito

    benito Блогер UAbets

    Celtic has suffered surprising loss in league vs. Kilmarnock (1:0) and then claimed a narrow win over much weaker side Patrick Thistle in cup (3:2). They have enormous squad problems with many players missing: goalkeeper Gordon(23/0), defenders Boyata(19/1), Compper(0/0), Ralston(3/0), midfileders Armstrong(20/2), Johnston(3/0), Hayes(15/1), Roberts(6/0(, Rogic(12/2) and attacker Griffiths(19/8). Zenit is second in Russian Premier League chasing Lokomotiv. They did not play any official game for some time but have played a series of competitive friendly games and have a lot of notable wins: vs. Maribor(3:1), vs. Zvezda(1:0), vs. Guangzhou Evrgrande(4:1), vs- Slavia Praha (5:1) and vs. Kopenhagen (5:0). Defender Ivanovic(19/1) is a doubt while rest of squad is healthy. PICK: Zenit AH0 1.99

    Смотрю у Селтика Лазарет, Зенит феерил в товах, но в ЛЕ там мрак был помнится. Скоты дома жгут, против Зени который без оф игр
    Няважна и Admin Kava нравится это.
  18. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator


    Le probabili formazioni
    Napoli (4-3-3): Reina; Maggio, Tonelli, Koulibaly, Hysaj; Rog, Diawara, Zielinski; Ounas, Callejon, Insigne. Allenatore: Maurizio Sarri

    Наполи судя по всему без Аллана, Жоржиньо, Гамшика и Мертенса. То есть без всего центра полузащиты и лучшего бомбардира


    Gulacsi - Laimer, Orban, Upamecano, Klostermann - Demme - Keita, Kampl - Sabitzer, Bruma - Ti. Werner

    Тут только Ильсанкера не будет
    Positivum, mr.Tipster, Kekmao и ещё 1-му нравится это.
  19. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator



    хотя там вроде крытый стадион с искуственным газоном :110:
    mr.Tipster и Гуцул нравится это.
  20. Admin Kava

    Admin Kava Administrator

    mr.Tipster нравится это.
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